Media Kit for Atomic Ranger

Alpha Release Date: October 2018

Platform: PC (Steam)

Languages: English

Developer: Great Lake Games

Press/Business Contact:


Atomic Rancher is a nuclear-fueled farming RPG that encourages players to grow, collect, and mutate their crops in order to survive.

A farming game with a twist! The world is recovering from atomic ruin, creating mutants and strange hybrids. Your father has found a sustainable water source and asked for your help to build a community from scratch.


Farm with mutants! Use radioactive slimes to mutate the crops you grow on your farm. The color of slime you use on your crops (green, blue or red) determines what effect it has. If you feel like getting crazy, try combining different slimes on the same crops to see what happens! Be careful though, not all slime combinations have desirable results...

Collectable mutant companions! Some slimes mutate your crops into planimals! These little creatures are there to help you fight enemies and aid in quests. Can you discover them all?

Battle mutant hordes with tower defence mutations! Crops can be upgraded by mutating them into defence towers that fight enemies who try to eat your crops. By mutating your perimeter crops you can create a living wall of protection around your farm. Feel free to explore, take a nap, or talk to people around town all with the comfort of knowing your farm is protected while you’re away!

Three unique seasons: Dry, Wet and Rad! Strange weather and season shift what the player can grow. Experience the Dry season, a desolate and arid time where little grows. In the Wet season, life springs into action, and in the Rad season strange mutations dominate the land. Each season offers its own crops, planimals, and challenges.

Explore a vast wasteland. Much of the world is in ruins and only you can help rebuild what was lost. By venturing out into the great unknown you can find resources that you will need to make the world what it once was.

Build a community from scratch. Your father has called on you to help rebuild the only town around with fresh water. The buildings are pretty run down and could use a remodel (in some cases a total overhaul!). He will guide you in the right direction and allow you to upgrade buildings and even attract new friends to your community.

Craft dozens of items to build your farm! Take your farm to the next level by crafting artisanal items! Unlock the furnace, pickler, and more to turn your freshly harvested crops into products ready for market.

Level up your character and your companions. The bigger and better your farm is, and the more you upgrade the buildings in town the more opportunities you will have to upgrade your character and everyone else!

Full controller support. Atomic Rancher can be played with a mouse and keyboard, or with your XBOX controller.