December 04, 2018

Weekly Update #5

Welcome to the weekly update! This week we have focused on bug fixes as we prepare for a major feature upgrade next week.

We will be adding more mutation based mechanics coming shortly - keep checking back for more as we grow our game and add more and more content!

New Features

  • When using a chest or the shipping box right clicking items will now move items 1 at a time while left clicking will move the whole stack.


  • Fix for being able to collect unlimited slime from the Blue and Green slime pools.
  • Fix for Nemo’s shop screen not closing.
  • Fixed the cliff tiles throughout the world.
  • Fix for the size of the wells next to Cassidy and Nemo
  • NPC’s will no longer stand on top of each other.
  • Fix for enemies only attacking once and then standing idle.
  • Doors added for the buildings in the outer scenes to go into their sub-rooms
  • Removed the duplicate forageable items
  • Pixel perfect camera created to fix black lines
  • Rewatering an already watered plant no longer gives xp
  • Fixed the few farm tiles that were always colliding
  • Fix for some maps having black space at the edges
  • Fix for NPC’s standing outside of their houses
  • Fix for building’s resetting after loading a saved game
  • Fix for XP drops sometimes giving 2xp instead of 1
  • Fix for being able to water already watered tiles - removes the ability to waste water
  • Fix for the crop discovery dialogue to no longer be dismissed by any input - and instead is dismissed by clicks or the a button - this is so that the dialogue will not be accidentally skipped if the player is trying to move.
  • Cassidy no Longer begins the game with all dry season crops in his shop. He starts with just the Mutato and other seeds have to be unlocked by exploration. At the start of each new season he adds that season’s base crop to his inventory as well.