November 19, 2018

Weekly Update #3

Welcome to the weekly update! Every Thursday we will bring you updates on development and a brand new patch with new feature, bug fixes, and balancing. Big update this week!

This week is bug fixes, bug fixes, and more bug fixes! Next week we have a major update that should squash these nasty bugs once and for all! We’ve been working hard to totally redo all the maps with a totally new tile system… A lot of work but it’s worth it for you!

New Features

  • Working on a new tile system that will remove the black lines that are appearing.
  • Building upgrades now have a water cost associated with them
  • New interiors for the upgraded buildings
  • Selling items to a shop now works as follows - left click sells the entire stack - right click sells a single item from the stack
  • Professor Spark technology unlock system
  • Crafting costs are now displayed as images of the required objects
  • Fence jumping - run into a straight piece of fence to automatically jump over it if the tile on the other side is clear.
  • Pickler - now you can pickle your crops to make them worth more


  • The a button prompt is now a right click prompt when using keyboard and mouse
  • Fully separated the use of left and right click - left click will always be for tool/item usage - right click will always be to interact with world objects (eg. doors, chests, mailbox, npcs)
  • Wilderness enemies have had their drops adjusted
  • Using the last item in a stack will correctly update what the character is holding above their head
  • Artisan items now correctly block player movement after loading.
  • Artisan items now load correctly and won’t appear to be working unless they actually are.
  • Iron ingot colour changed to make it more distinctive from the titanium ingot
  • Seed planting now restricted by season
  • Cassidy will now have a base seed to sell for each season.
  • Improved crop discovery box.
  • Fix for fully grown mutato’s to load in as stage 1 sprites.
  • Fix for tutorial cutscenes playing in a loaded game
  • Improved door click areas
  • Enemies in the wilderness will now attack you.