November 08, 2018

Weekly Update #2

Welcome to the weekly update! Every Thursday we will bring you updates on development and a brand new patch with new feature, bug fixes, and balancing. Big update this week!

The game is 9x larger now and a number of tutorials, hints, and bug fixes have improved the overall experience. Check out our new features and fixes below:

New Features

  • 9x Larger Game World - explore the wasteland outside of the safety of home! (some interiors inaccessible)
  • Player will receive Slimes immediately after the tutorial - mutate away!
  • New opening cutscene and tutorial
  • New title screen
  • New loading screen that shows the controls
  • Sound options added
  • Mail tips that offer more gameplay hints


  • New and more accurate map
  • Rigley's tent fixed
  • Selling box fixed
  • Fix to player being able to move while animating
  • Escape button now opens the menu as well
  • Vertical images used for the fences to be more appealing
  • Changes to the options menu - buttons added to segment the options into the categories.
  • Changes to the raiding mechanic - no longer spawns multiple waves
  • Fix for XP drops to make the lighting effect look better and more consistent
  • Bug fix for chest saving
  • Fix for battle music being stuck on play
  • Numerous bug fixes