November 01, 2018

Weekly Update #1

Welcome to our weekly update! Every Thursday we will bring you updates on development and a brand new patch with new feature, bug fixes, and balancing. One week on Steam and things are going great!

We’ve already improved the game a lot thanks to player input and will be bringing more next week, including a MUCH bigger game world and combat enhancements. For now check out our new feature and fixes below:

New Features

  • Crop wilting - crops can now be brought back to life by watering again. Final stage crops will never wilt.
  • New rain effects.
  • Improved weather effects.
  • New loading screens.
  • New improved fresh water source.
  • Ability to toggle the HUD added (Numpad+ and Numpad-).
  • Credits added.
  • Fixed NPC portraits.


  • Hotfix for character losing controls.
  • Cutscene zoom level fixed.
  • Enemy fixes.
  • Stamina fixes.
  • Improved ‘selection’ box.
  • Improved system for sound management.
  • Day one is always sunny.
  • Crafting fixes.
  • Various bug fixes.