November 09, 2018

How Reddit Helped Us Launch Our Game!

The process of making a game is amazing and 100% worth it. That being said, it's very time consuming and requires so many elements to go right in order to create an experience that is enjoyable.

What are these elements you ask? Well there is:

  • Sound Engineers

    • To create sounds depending on what you are doing at the exact moment. This can be footsteps, sword swinging or ambient noises.
  • Musicians

    • Games without any sort of music are hard to paly.
  • Programmers

    • To make everything work.
  • Artists

    • To create beautiful sprites, models or art.
  • Designers

    • To make all the custom UI elements.
  • Testers

    • Make sure everything is working...
  • Project Managers

    • Make sure everyone is working...
  • and more

So after all of that process, you are finally done your game and you can relax...

Not really. We are forgetting about a very important aspect of game development that a lot of people don't talk about. That one element is...


That's right. After you are finished your game, you have to convince people to play your game. Now, this isn't easy considering there is so many games out there that can be played. There are a lot of different ways to advertise your game. Social Media, word of mouth and paid advertisements. Funny enough, one of our biggest hits has been on Reddit.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is the "front page of the internet". Different niches can start their own communities and share links, photos and text posts that relate to that niche. So if you are interested in cats, you can look at a "subreddit" full of cat photos, news and advice on cats. What makes Reddit powerful is the giant userbase. Reddit has over 20 million registered gamers.

It's extremely addictive.

You can find communities for absolutely anything. It's crazy.

Marketing on Reddit?

We first started off posting on Reddit just because we wanted to showcase the progress on our game. Since art, programming and design is a long and delicate task, we wanted to see our hard work get some recognition.

We posted some progress on r/IndieGaming, a subreddit dedicated to Indie Gaming and Indie Game developers. It got a lot of recognition!

Over 300 upvotes and lots of comments, not only did we put our game out there but we also got constructive critism.

Someone gave us a suggestion and we changed it on the spot. We really did engage with the fans of our game. That was one of our core advertising strategy. We just keep gamers engaged with our process and bring them along with us. This is the power of organic marketing!

Why did it work?

In today's world of advertising, it's very hard to market yourself. Why Reddit excelled for us is because of the organic advertising we did for our game. Rather than putting posts up thinking that it will just get noticed, we provided value to gamers by bringing them in on the process of game making. In fact, what made game development fun for us we make fun for indie gamers as well.

We have been very involved with the indie gaming community for a while, commenting on other people's games and upvoting other posts. We understand what gamers like to see.

Our future on Reddit

We have a subreddit where you can post all of your Atomic Rancher related posts! Come join us over on our Atomic Rancher subreddit and join in on the conversation! We will see you there!

We are also on Steam Early Access! If you haven't checked out Atomic Rancher, now is your chance.