November 02, 2018

Rancher Tips: Slimes!

Welcome to a new series that we will be doing on our development blog! Rancher Tips will be a place where we can show off some insider knowledge on how some of the mechanics work in Atomic Rancher. There is a lot but we first want to talk about one of the coolest features.


What are slimes exactly? To fully understand that question, we must understand how planting/farming works.

Planting is pretty self explanatory… First, you plant a seed. Then, you water that seed. You keep watering until it is fully harvested. This concept isn’t hard to understand (hopefully).

Now… you could do things this way. In fact, most of your plants will have to be like this in order to survive. However, there is a another way to farm…

“When life gives you lemons, you should mutate those lemons!”

It’s rather simple. Instead of constantly watering your plants, just add a slime and see what crazy thing you can come up with. Now, let’s get a bit more specific.


If you mutate your seedling with a red slime, you get a Planimal! These cute little monsters are here to help you on your journey to greatness!

If you mutate your seedling with the Green slime you make it Grow at a rapid speed (almost instant). This will be great if you are in desperate need for your plants to grow fast.

If you mutate your seedling with the Blue slime you create a turret that helps you hold the fort down when the mutants come. You will need these guys when you have left the area…

The Mutato Slime Evolution

The Mutanko is a cute but strong planimal that runs towards the enemies with confident strides. He is extremely loyal to you and will not go out without a fight… but how does he come about? With slimes of course!

  1. Plant a mutato
  2. Acquire Red Slime and mutate the mutato seed.
  3. Water your mutated plant and you'll have your Mutanko in no time!

The Mutato tower is a strong and durable defense tower. Don’t let their cuteness distract you. They are responsible for shooting enemies away from it’s allied crops.

  1. Plant a mutato
  2. Acquire Blue Slime and mutate the mutato seed
  3. You will have a Mutato Turrent on your farm to defend your land while you're away!

The ‘Rad’ish Slime Evolution

The ‘Rad’ish is a cute little monster that is ready to fight! With his bouncy attitude, he is ready to take directions in your quest to rebuild society!

  1. Plant a ‘Rad’ish seed
  2. Acquire Red Slime and mutate the ‘Rad’ish seed
  3. You will have a cute little ‘Rad’ish planimal by your side

The ‘Rad’ish Defence Tower has a secret weapon underneath its leaves… It’s a laser that tracks where the enemies are trying to invade.

  1. Plant a ‘Rad’ish seed
  2. Acquire a Blue Slime and mutate the ‘Rad’ish seed
  3. You will have a Radish Turret!

Not all Mutations will work…

Be careful what you mutate… some plants will reject the Slime and will instantly create a Cronenberg, a mean little pest that won’t attack you but will sneak around trying to eat your crops.

There are many ways you can create a Cronenberg. Mutate at your own risk…

It goes deeper...

** Mutations can be stacked... **

We won’t spoil the fun… but there are so many different options of mutations that you need to discover for yourself. There are already over 90 potential Slime combinations in the main game, with most leading to useful mutations to help your farm - but some will make cronenbergs so watch out!


Crops are all unique depending on the seasons. We have our 3 seasons:

  • Dry Season
  • Rad Season
  • Wet Season

All with different crops and mutations for you to discover!


That’s a brief introduction of how slimes can help you in the world that you are trying to create. In the radioactive world, you must mutate… but mutate carefully.

Good news! Due to the popular feedback, we have decided to put our game on Steam Early Access! Please give us a visit and let us know what you think!