November 30, 2018

Rancher Tips: The First 3 NPC's you Meet!

Welcome back to rancher tips! If you aren't familiar with this series, you can check back on:

There you will see an in-depth look at what each slime can do to each plant if you mutate it correctly.

Today we are going to be talking about the first 3 NPC's that you meet in Atomic Rancher. Throughout your journey to rebuild civilization, you will require their skills and expertise. You can't do this with just yourself and the planimals. Interact with these people to properly succeed.


You start off reading a letter sent by Nemo. All that is said, is that he found a fresh water source and the land looks fertile. Nemo then goes on to explain that everything is ruined but there is potential to repair everything from the ground up.

Not bad handwriting if I say so myself. You find yourself running into the new area after the EVENT. You are with another hooded fellow....

You run in with Cassidy after the tunnel leading out of town blocks your way. Luckily. You two just made it out safe!

You then run into Nemo. Who has been waiting for you. He gives you a tour around town and let's you know the ins and outs of what life has been like after this tradgic event.


So who is Cassidy?

Cassidy knows everything there is to know about the strange things that grow in the wild. He is the salesman that is constantly having a drink of some sorts. Where does he get it? Good question. The only thing valuable is water. Exchange water with everything.

Cassidy is great because you are able to sell and buy so many valuable items in the game. Believe it or not, you are also able to sell planimals which are worth a pretty penny. Cassidy is going to be one of your biggest allies.


Nemo is the jolly old man who first tells you about the land that you explore. Through letter, he explains that you can repair the town and that there are other buildings further.

Nemo is a great ally. He leaves the exploring to you and does all the heavy work in town himself. Meet him at the Bell Tower if you need anything from him.

Whenever you have enough water to compensate him for this time, he will help you with renovating the different buildings that is in the town. These include:

  • Carpenter House
  • Lab
  • Saloon
  • Vet
  • Your House
  • Armory
  • Bell Tower

He needs your help to rebuild society. Work together to achieve this.


In the Bell Tower, you will see a young lad named Lance. A bit pessimistic, he followed Lance and has struggled to live in the town that Nemo advised. So why exactly did he follow Nemo again? Well here is why:

Still optimistic, Lance follows Nemo on his goal to rebuild society. He's observant and knows that it's a slow growth. This is your opportunity to help Lance and others like him.


There are many other Characters you run into in Atomic Rancher. Just like our last post about Slimes, we will introduce you to what's available, but will surprise you about what's to come.

We are on Steam Early Access!

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