October 22, 2018

Welcome to the new Atomic Rancher Website

Hello internet traveler! If you are reading this, chances are you are new to what we do. We are Great Lake Games. We are currently wrapping up development and promoting our newest game: Atomic Rancher. You can go to our About section to find out more. Let’s take a tour of what we have accomplished the last week and a half.

Finally Online

Apart from developing Atomic Rancher full-time, we have been improving our online presence a ton. You are currently on the Atomic Rancher website, but we have also created social media accounts for Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. I know what you’re thinking: “Shouldn’t you have had this a long time ago?”. Of course, but when I say we put ALL of our time into developing Atomic Rancher, I wasn’t kidding. You can follow the links below and follow us. If you’re a geek like us, you might want to add this blog to your RSS Feed.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Reddit

Speaking of Reddit, we are huge lurkers of popular gaming subreddits like r/Unity2d and r/indiegaming. For the first time ever, we decided to post a snippet of our game to r/indiegaming and it reached the frontpage with over 300 upvotes! Awesome. It’s great to be involved with the community and get feedback from such passionate gamers.

A thanks to you!

Passionate gamers is what motivates us to keep moving forward. We launched a Kickstarter to help fund further development for Atomic Rancher and the response so far is awesome. If you are interested in helping us fund Atomic Rancher, visit our Kickstarter. Your support is much appreciated.

What is this blog for?

Great question! We built this blog to showcase our development of the game Atomic Rancher. That means you can get updates when:

  • We update the game
  • Announce new features
  • Let you know when we launch
  • Meet new team members
  • Showcase the communities engagement

With lots of questions on lots of different platforms, we thought we would create our own little home here on the internet. It’s been a crazy journey and we thank all of you for joining in with us.

For the curious

We built this website using GatsbyJS. A static site generator. We made this decision because we want to showcase the speed that is provides and help contribute to its ecosystem.

See you next week!