December 05, 2018

Community Spotlight #2

Welcome back to our series of blog posts called Community Spotlight! We have heard a lot about Atomic Rancher from the community and we wanted to share that here on our website! If you haven't seen the last edition of our community spotlight. Make sure you visit it here. This time, we have some posts from our Steam Community, Reddit and on Youtube. Let's get started!


This week, popular Youtuber: "GameSharkHD" made a video called: "A Nuclear-Fueled Apocalyptic Stardew Valley!" You can view it here:

In the video, he plays throughout the beginning of Atomic Rancher. We are a big fan of his funny commentary and somewhat strategic way of thinking. We are also a big fan of the dramatic zoom on the enemies.

GameSharkHD... you might have given us some new ideas....

He was very observant with the different elements we added into our game such as the comparison to Pokemon he made a couple of times. Thanks GameSharkHD for featuring our video to your 30,000 subscribers.


Not a lot happened for Atomic Rancher over on Reddit. However, we do have a couple of things we want to share. The first being that Atomic Rancher was shared on a subreddit called "NoteworthyVideoGames". The description of this sub being: "There are so many video games coming out, and a LOT of them are low effort troll games. Here we can share interesting looking titles that may've flown under the radar or are just cool." This is such an awesome little honour to showcase us!

There isn't many subscribers but do us a favour and show them the love and attention they deserve! Oh and don't forget to tell them that we brought you there.

We also posted our own little GIF as well showcasing off our new lighting engine. We can go on and on about how much of an improvement it makes to the game but instead here is a GIF! We will go more in depth about that next week.

We posted this over on r/IndieGaming. If you look back on our blog, we have talked about our love for Reddit a lot! We promise we will stop sucking up!

If you haven't checked out our subreddit, now is the best time! Come visit us over on r/atomicrancher for more!


First of all, we must say thank you to everyone that has purchased and supported Atomic Rancher. It makes all of our efforts worth it when we see people enjoying the game. Even the constructive critism is so welcome as we are still in Early Access and are looking to improve our game even further. One of our first comments comes from a user named meggielovesu.

Thanks to Meggie, we fixed most of the bugs that have been mentioned in their review. We also look forward to her videos that they will release on their YouTube channel! We encourage more people to discuss in our forums.

We also like Neesa's screenshot where she compares our game to another game of the similar setting. "Fallout Settlement Simulator 2018". Neesa looks like they are well on their way to growing their crops. Thanks for the screenshot!

We have a cool action shot of Steam user "blue" running from the mutants. It looks like he is doing a good job as they are way behind. Awesome!

We were also featured by 2 Steam Curators! Steam Curators are people you can follow that recommend games on Steam. The first one being: No Limit Games.

Sadly we don't speak Russian, but doing a quick Google Translate, we were able to translate:

"Pixel indie with entertaining gameplay. Under our responsibility, the development and restoration of the mysterious city, by collecting resources for planting and growing various plants and trees."

An awesome recommendation! Thank you very much!

We were also featured by: "Arachnophobia, games w/ spiders". Funny group.

Well then. Not a very accurate title... but we are still happy to be recommended by a Steam Curator.

Don't forget to check us out on Steam Early Access

Have something you want to show us? Give us a message and we will showcase you on our next edition