November 22, 2018

Community Spotlight #1

Welcome to our new series of blog post called Community Spotlight! We have heard a lot about Atomic Rancher from the community and we wanted to share that here on our website!


We have had a lot of people cover us on Youtube. One of our favorites is from DangerouslyFunny. A youtuber with over 250,000 subscribers. His video is titled: "The Rainiest Sunniest Farming RPG Ever".

You can view it here:

Another awesome Let's play comes from PhilosoShy's Game Channel. He has a small series on our game here:

Last but not least, we made the Top 6 New Indie Games Releasing Today on October 30th 2018! You can view that here:


We have been covered all across Reddit. Thankfully, the Reddit Game Dev shared our Reddit post on their Twitter account! Thanks mods :)


Of course, you have seen our post on Reddit that went viral on r/indiegaming. This started the buzz with our game.

Added combat to our Stardew Valley inspired game, 'Atomic Rancher'. The creatures are crops you can mutate into pokemon-like followers. from r/IndieGaming

Even over on r/Unity2D people liked our progress on the game.

Like games like Stardew Valley? We're making a post-apocalyptic farming RPG - use radiation to mutate your crops and use sci-fi tech to help your farm thrive! 'Atomic Rancher' is now on kickstarter! Link in the comments! from r/Unity2D

Have something you want to show us? Give us a message and we will showcase you on our next edition :)