December 13, 2018

Before and After: Updated Graphics and Tiling System!

Creating a video game is an emotional rollercoaster. When you first come up with an idea, you go through a lot of different trial and error sessions before you finish your game. At first, this can sound a little disheartening. Realistically, it improves your game 100%!

Over on r/indiegaming, we posted a cool comparison video of what a month can do to your game! Here it is here:

Updated Graphics!

There are a number of cool things that have been added:

  1. Take a breather! We have zoomed out the camera view a lot so you can see all the other amazing changes that we have made.
  2. All of the colours are much more vibrant. We loved the old graphics... but to improve the viewability of all the elements in the game, we thought that it would make sense to give everything a unique colour.
  3. Different shaders on plants. We wanted to really make you feel something has been mutated. In the old version, we had a lot more muted colours. This time everything is a bit more brighter and vibrant.

Here are a couple of screenshots of some of those changes:

We made sure that somethings are blaringly bright. This is part of the "Atomic" of Atomic Rancher and really makes it like it's part of some atomic wasteland.

One of the prettiest sights you can see in the game. We added a better lighting engine that better showcases the Atomic like features of the plants. We found that the plants were often too hard to notice on their own and would get bunched together. This makes it easy for you to see exactly what plants you should mutate. This is what it looks like to start but once you start to build a crazy plant system, you will have lots of beautiful colours.

A more subtle change is how you are lit. Whenever you are walking around dark places, you will be lit up a little bit so you can see what's around you. This comes in handy like spots in the cities, forest or even in dark houses. Not being able to see anything just sucks.

Tiling System

This update took us a while to do and was really time consuming. The funny part too, is that for gamers playing our game, they won't notice anything. We have been listening to our community heavily and decided to focus on this because of bugs like this:

Originally, we created maps that users can explore. This had it's faults, where users can place things and have some... silly results. Now, we redesigned the entire thing from scratch and have a lot more success than our last iteration. Thank goodness we jumped over that hump!

What's next?

Stay tuned! We have some more mutation based mechanics going to be announced in the next couple of weeks, as well as other surprises!

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