December 22, 2018

Happy Holidays from Great Lake Games! Our Amazing Year.

What a year 2018 has been for Atomic Rancher and Great Lake Games! We are a small indie studio so to think of a game and release a version of it in the same year is extremely exciting for all of us here. We started developing Atomic Rancher earlier this year, but let's give a quick rundown of everything that has happened so far!

First posts on Reddit

You have for sure seen our post on our love for Reddit, but we can't emphasize enough at how it made our game much easier to communicate with our fanbase. Our first post hit the frontpage or r/indiegaming. We discussed the newly added combat that took us a while to implement because of it's complex nature.

This was before we released on Steam Early Access. So we were really pleased with the hype that was backing it. We also added some features right after hearing them from that community of people. It is a great way to get feedback, from other game developers.

We have posted many times on r/indiegaming and r/Unity2D. After hitting the front page and lots of constructive critism...

Atomic Rancher launches on Steam Early Access

On October 29th 2018, we finally release Atomic Rancher on Steam Early Access. We chose to do this because it allows us to receive the same feedback from gamers so we can develop a game that we want but more importantly what you want. So far, our reception has been great with weekly updates following shortly after.

Weekly Update 1

After we released Atomic Rancher, we decided to immediately start our series of Weekly Updates. You can view all of them on the Steam page. The first one, we introduced new features like: crop wilting, new weather effects and some bug fixes.

Our priority has been fixing the bugs as fast as possible. As soon as they are found. We fix them as fast as possible.

Weekly Update 2

On November 8th, we release our second weekly update. This was an update that we have been working extremely hard to get into the game. This update included a Game World that was over 9x larger. We also added some more backstory by adding more dialogue, a better tutorial and a cutscene. Of course, bugs have been fixed. What's an update without bug fixes?

Community Support

After our second Weekly Update, we have received a lot of support for Atomic Rancher on Steam, Twitter and Reddit. The takeback notes are that they are very supportive of us updating our game constantly. Something we take pride for.

Throughout the month we have had lots of people on Youtube play our game.

DangerouslyFunny has over 70,000 views on the video he did for us. People like GameSharkHD and PhilosoShy made some excellent videos showcasing Atomic Rancher. Things we are very happy about.

Weekly Update 3

You guessed it... this update wasn't the most interesting, but we continue to fix all the bugs that people have brought forth.

Weekly Update 4

This is our biggest update yet that was mentioned in our last blog post. The new tile map was implemented to create a more seamless experience. Although you might not notice, the Tile Map makes it easier to start your farm and create epic infrastructure... and you know, we also fixed some bugs.

Weekly Update 5

This was a well requested feature. When using a chest, right clicking items will now move items 1 at a time while left clicking will move the whole stack. This is for inventory management. It also included a big list of bugs that have been squashed. Phew!

What's Next?

2019 we will continue what we are already known for. Creating an amazing game that gamers want to play. If you want to follow development, make sure you stay on this blog. You can also submit any user created content on steam, twitter or reddit and we will include it in our community spotlight. We are excited to see you guys in 2019!